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How Travis Gibb Ran Two Comics Kickstarters At Once… And Lived To Tell The Tale

#creator spotlight Feb 19, 2019
By Clay Adams

Travis Gibb was feeling stretched thin. 

With two campaigns running at once, he felt pressure to make both succeed. But as a collaborator on one project and "just the writer" on the other, Travis wasn’t fully in charge of either. 

How was he going to get through this month?

In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • How to work with collaborators on a Kickstarter campaign
  • The secret to a successful launch
  • One trick to turbo-charge your final week

How to Work with Collaborators on Kickstarter

Both of Travis’ campaigns were a challenge—for very different reasons.

“One of those campaigns (DOG DAYS) was run by another publisher. It was challenging because I couldn’t build the campaign as I saw fit. I didn’t have complete control of how much we needed to raise. I didn’t know all the backend numbers, and I didn’t get a lot of pre-campaign planning in. I also...

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How Comics Creator Andy Perry Quadrupled His Email List Ahead of A Second Successful Kickstarter Launch

#creator spotlight Jan 14, 2019
by Clay Adams

Andy Perry needed a change.

Like many creators, he’d had an idea for a comic, which he successfully funded on Kickstarter. But by his own estimation, about 90% of his pledges came from friends and family. 

For his next campaign, Andy swore he’d expand his fanbase and get that percentage down. There was only one problem.

He didn’t know where to start.

In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your mailing list
  • Why a Mastermind group can help your creative business
  • The mindset needed for Kickstarter success

What is a Mastermind Group?

Andy decided he needed a support system, so he joined the ComixLaunch MasterMind, a group of creators who meet once a month to help each other grow their creative businesses. 

“Being around like-minded creatives gave me a sense of reassurance. I’d picked people’s brains before and received loads of help, but this was a forum where everyone...

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How Jim Whiting Launched An Art Book on Kickstarter--And Had His Best Campaign Ever

#creator spotlight Dec 17, 2018

by Clay Adams

Jim Whiting had a choice to make.

After years of Kickstarting his own series, Margo: Intergalactic Trash Collector, Jim was now faced with a different task entirely. His latest project, DarkARTS, was an oversized pin-up book featuring work by various artists. He knew he couldn’t rely on his established audience to come out and support it—and there was no guarantee the audience for a book like this even existed. 

Before hitting launch, Jim wondered, “How the heck am I going to market this?”


In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the best category for your project
  • When you should identify your target audience
  • Why “pocket” rewards can save you

How Do You Choose the Best Kickstarter Category?

The first challenge Jim faced was deciding on a Kickstarter category. It didn’t fit neatly into any of the available options, so he had to decide:

Would this be a “book”...

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How to Plan For Kickstarter Success, with Comics Creator Newton Lilavois

creator spotlight Sep 14, 2018
by Clay Adams

Newton Lilavois was in the hospital.

With only four days before the big Kickstarter launch for his webcomic, “Crescent City Monsters,” Newton was about to go under the knife for knee surgery. 

He’d spent a year posting his comic online, working through the ComixLaunch Course, and meticulously planning his campaign. 

But now, facing surgery and a painful recovery, he had to ask himself:

Should I postpone?

In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • Newton’s Facebook ad strategy for campaign success
  • Why you should plan your stretch goals before you launch
  • When “failure” isn’t really failure at all

Knowledge is Power: Google Analytics and Your Kickstarter Page

So: did Newton postpone his launch?

Before we answer that question, let’s talk about the well-crafted plan he was thinking of putting off. 

Because Newton is a member of the ComixLaunch...

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How First Time Kickstarter Creator Rene Pfitzner Raised Nearly $9,000 In His First Ever Comics Campaign

creator spotlight Aug 13, 2018
by Clay Adams

Rene Pfitzner felt like he was flying in the dark. 

It was his first-ever Kickstarter campaign, and there were a lot of unknowns. But he’d methodically worked his way through the ComixLaunch Course and felt like he had a solid plan in place. 

Now it was time to put it into action. 

In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • How to build an audience before you launch
  • The importance of having a pre-launch plan
  • How to drive traffic to your Kickstarter campaign


Should I Post My Comic For Free On The Web?

Rene knew that in crowdfunding, the crowd brings the funds, but YOU have to bring the crowd. 

He had been following the YouTube channel of creator Jason Brubaker (reMIND, Sithrah), a Kickstarter veteran who recommends building an audience by posting your comic for free online. A quick check of the most funded comics Kickstarters of all time reveals that—yes, posting for free online helps.    

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How TREASURES OF THE DEEP SLUMBER’s Jerry Willoughby Used Facebook Ads To Power His Best Comics Kickstarter Launch Ever

creator spotlight Jul 11, 2018

By Clay Adams

Jerry Willoughby was feeling determined.

After his last Kickstarter failed to fund, Jerry knew he needed to expand his marketing efforts if he wanted his new campaign to succeed. So, heeding the old Henry Ford maxim that “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time,” he decided to go all in on Facebook ads.

The only question was: “Would it work?”

In this edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need enthusiastic collaborators
  • The key to a successful Facebook ad—and when to implement it
  • Jerry’s specific ad strategy that led to successful funding

Lessons Learned from a Failed Kickstarter

Before he launched again, Jerry took a long, hard look at what went wrong last time.

“The biggest lesson I learned from my last failed campaign was that you can't launch with no audience. I thought that the same people that backed me in 2012 would come out to back me five years later. I...

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How DIARY OF NIGHT’s Will Allred Rescued His Comics Kickstarter Campaign in The Final Week

#creator spotlight Jun 08, 2018
By Clay Adams

Will Allred had his back to the wall. 

It was the final week of his campaign for DIARY OF NIGHT, and the funding total sat at a seemingly insurmountable $2,000 shy of his goal. With the clock ticking, Will had a difficult choice to make: cancel the campaign and try again later, or double down on his efforts to secure a win at all costs. 

Will dug deep and doubled-down. 

In this spotlight you’ll learn:

  • The most important Kickstarter metric to watch
  • How to get more people to your Kickstarter page
  • The biggest comics Kickstarter mistake

The Key to Running a Successful Comics Kickstarter

Will had already tried—unsuccessfully—to fund DIARY OF NIGHT once, so the thought of cancelling didn’t appeal to him. But the task ahead seemed daunting.

“That last week was brutal. By this point, I was nearing exhaustion, and still had around $2,000 to go to meet the goal. I still had hope, though. I had a backer that I knew I could depend...

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How First-Time Kickstarter Creator Melody Peña Raised $30K in an Hour on the Way to a Six-Figure Graphic Novel Launch!

#creator spotlight May 07, 2018
by Clay Adams

Melody Peña was terrified. 

After years of posting her comic, THE VELIGENT, online, she was ready to launch her first Kickstarter and put it into print. But as she built out her campaign, too many fears swirled around her head. 

What if she didn’t make her goal? What if she overlooked an important detail? What if there was a hidden expense she hadn’t accounted for? 

What if, what if, what if…!

She shouldn’t have been so worried. 

In this spotlight you’ll learn:

  • Where to post your webcomics online
  • The best day of the week to launch your Kickstarter
  • Why you need premium, higher tier options

How Long Should You Build Your Audience Before A Kickstarter Launch?

The phenomenal success of Melody’s Kickstarter just goes to show: it’s never too soon to start building your audience. 

“We have been publishing my art for about forty years, so I have a following… I have also been posting the...

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How To Crowdfund Your Comic Book On Indiegogo, With TALES OF THE TWELVE STARS Writer Albert Lim

creator spotlight Mar 07, 2018

by Clay Adams

How do you kickstart a comic if Kickstarter isn’t available in your country?

If you’re TALES OF THE TWELVE STARS writer Albert Lim, you go indie.

…Indiegogo, that is.


In this spotlight, you’ll learn:

  • The major differences between Indiegogo and Kickstarter
  • The biggest challenge Albert faced with the Indiegogo platform
  • His best advice to new comic creators 


What If Kickstarter Isn’t Available in Your Country?

When comic book writer Albert Lim discovered Kickstarter isn’t available in Malaysia, he wasn’t surprised.

“Finding venues and events where I can sell my books is a challenge… While they do exist in Malaysia, many of them are not very well-known.”

But he didn't let lack of access to the number one crowdfunding platform stop him from launching his book. Albert buckled down, did his research, and found that one site was available to him: Indiegogo.


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Creator Amélie Hutt (ANGELS POWER) on How to Raise More Than $24,000.00 in Your First Comic Book Kickstarter Campaign

creator spotlight Feb 08, 2018
By Clay Adams


Amélie Hutt was feeling overwhelmed. 

She’d never run a Kickstarter campaign before, and the learning curve was steep. Everything leading up to the launch was new, stressful, and humbling. And she didn’t like the feeling of vulnerability that comes with launching a campaign.

“I shy away from success,” she says. “I shy away from asking for things. I have to get over that.”

She did. 

In a big way. 

In this spotlight, you’ll learn: 

  • How Amélie grew her audience online before the launch
  • How she uses Patreon to supplement her business
  • Amélie’s one big Kickstarter regret

The Secret of a Huge Kickstarter Launch

What do The Order of the Stick, Steve Lichman, and Penny Arcade all have in common?

They were all popular webcomics long before becoming six- and seven-figure Kickstarter campaigns.

Because of these comics—and projects like them—Amélie knew that...

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