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Mad Cave Talent Search Winner Sarah Cooke Talks Serializing Her Comic on Kickstarter

#creator spotlight Jan 05, 2024
by Clay Adams

In our first video spotlight, I talk to Sarah Cooke, winner of Mad Cave’s 2023 Talent Search and the 2023 Negative Space Women’s Comic Book Writing Competition. She's the co-creator of the award-winning sci-fi web series My Human Experience. Her published works include No Spell Lasts Forever, Olive and the Ogre, and an essay in How to Analyze & Review Comics: A Handbook on Comics Criticism. As a comics reporter, she has written for Marvel, DC Comics, Women Write About Comics, CBR, Voice of Youth Advocates, WTAP Television, and more.

In the Edition of the ComixLaunch Spotlight, you'll learn:

  • how small steps lead to big things
  • why Kickstarter is a great platform for audience growth
  • plus: Sarah's best advice for new creators


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Instagram: @sarahcookewriter

Twitter: @sarahcookewrite

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