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The Ultimate Comic Book Kickstarter Launch Plan

Who Should Attend ComixLaunch Workshops?

ComixLaunch workshops are valuable online trainings that pack the best strategies I've learned from over a decade of launching and coaching other creators like you into ~90 minutes of focused, actionable content. 

While these workshops are absolutely FREE to attend and done as a service to the ComixLaunch creator community, the training inside them is incredibly valuable. To get the most of out them, you should plan on investing your time & attention, and I promise to make it worth it.

So if you're someone who...

  • Is looking for new strategies to grow your audience and fund your projects.
  • Is coachable and open to new approaches to get results.
  • Ready to do what it takes to make your dream projects happen.

...then these workshops are perfect for you. 

If you're ready to level up, I'll see you at the next workshop!

- Tyler James (Founder of ComixLaunch Pro)


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