Creators, Superman isn't coming.

So we get to save ourselves.

My name is Tyler James and I'm one of thousands of creators who are doing things differently.

We believe the creative life and career we want is not only possible, but inevitable....

If we're willing to work hard enough, smart enough, and to commit.

🚀 Commit to bringing PASSION to every project.

🚀 Commit to taking ACTION, even when it's scary.

🚀 Commit to building a NETWORK and always adding value first.

🚀 Commit to doing things with INTEGRITY and keeping the promises we make to others and ourselves.

🚀 Commit to never stop developing our TALENT because we are all works in progress.

And we also believe that starving has nothing to do with being an artist.

While others are waiting for permission to get started or for approval from some gatekeeper...

We've picked ourselves.

And we're building our legacies...

One fan at a time.

One project at a time.

One LAUNCH at a time.


We know the industry we love isn't going to fix itself.

The change we seek won't ever come from the big publishers and giant media companies.

It needs to come from us...

The hardworking, independent, diverse and entrepreneurial creators forging a new path to sustainably bring our art to a world that needs it now more than ever.

We're ComixLaunchers...

Wait'll you see what we launch next!

About Tyler James

I sold my first comic book out of my backpack in high school.

A lot has changed since then, but my passion for creating dream projects, sharing them with the world, and teaching others how to do the same has not.  

I’m a writer, artist, award-winning game designer, publisher and educator with a Master Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I’m co-founder of the internationally distributed comic book, graphic novel & children’s book imprint ComixTribe and the host of ComixLaunch, the #1 rated crowdfunding podcast for writers, artists, and self-publishers.

I've raised over a million dollars in funding on Kickstarter to bring ComixTribe projects to life.

And I've coached hundreds of creators to raise thousands of dollars to bring their own projects to life.

I’m on a mission to help creators like you bring more of your art to a world that desperately needs it.

I can't wait to see what you launch next!

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