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ComixLaunch Mastery

Join Tyler James and a small group of hardworking creators to learn to how to start, grow and energize an email list of fans big enough to successfully launch your project on Kickstarter. 

Then learn how to harness the power of Kickstarter to fund your projects, expand your audience, and build the foundation for your career as a comic creator.

Click here to get started for just $97 today!


Welcome to ComixLaunch Mastery!

You've made it!

If you're seeing this page, you're a part of a special group of creators who have been invited to be a part of the inaugural class of ComixLaunch Mastery!

ComixLaunch Mastery is the new flagship program the represents the absolute best training Tyler James and the ComixLaunch team have to offer creators looking to take their careers to the next level by growing a fan base and leveraging the Kickstarter platform to bring new projects to life.

Two Programs in One!

ComixLaunch Mastery is a comprehensive training that includes two proven programs that you will complete over the next few months, culminating in the successful launch of your own Kickstarter project!

In the ListLaunch program, you'll learn exactly how big an audience you'll need to fund your next project and then embark on a step-by-step process to grow and engage that audience and connect with them in the most effective way prior to your launch.

Then, in The ComixLaunch Course, you and a small group of like-minded creators will plan, launch, fund & fulfill your next Kickstarter project using proven ComixLaunch strategies and tactics.


Why It Matters

You probably already know how much of an impact Kickstarter has made in the lives of independent creators around the world.

Kickstarter has helped launch more than 4,200 comic book & graphic novel projects and has injected more than $50 million into the comic industry, with the vast majority of those funds going to independent creators like you.

Now more than six years old, readers are familiar and comfortable with the Kickstarter platform. As a result, it's only continuing to grow.

While success on Kickstarter is far from guaranteed, and there is arguably more competition on the platform than ever before, it is still the most level playing ground for independent creators, and a platform you should be using to further your career.

But to take full advantage of the Kickstarter platform, first you need an audience...

And that's where ListLaunch comes in.

Here's What's Covered in ListLaunch

  • Why you need an energized list of fans before you launch your Kickstarter... and specifically why they need to be on your email list?
  • The three biggest mistakes most creators list when starting their email list... and exactly what to do instead.
  • Gmail & Yahoo won't cut it: Why you need a proper email service provider (ESP) for your list?
  • Tackling the Technology: How to pick the right ESP for where you are and where you're going by answering a few simple questions?
  • Simple and smart set-up for your new ESP (or how to check and optimize your current ESP to make sure you're taking full advantage of its power?)
  • The 3 Key Types of Emails You'll Need to Set-up Right Away.
  • Email Metrics: What's good engagement for Conversions, Open Rate, and Clicks, and how to boost all three.
  • Email Best Practices for Writers, Artists, and Self-Publishers... with lots of examples!
  • How to setting up smart, powerful automated email engagement sequences (without feeling like a robot?) 
  • How to avoid getting slammed with the SPAM label?
  • How to figure out how big your list should be before you launch your Kickstarter? (Spoiler: It's probably bigger than your current list...but smaller than you might think.)
  • Email list building strategies: A blueprint to get your first 100, 500, and 1000 subscribers?

This Program Includes:

  • 28 Short, Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • Checklists, Worksheets, Templates and Real-World Examples & Case Studies 
  • Monthly Live Sessions / Q&As with Tyler James
  • A Private ListLaunch FaceBook Group for support and accountability
  • Access to the ListLaunch Exchange for creator cross-promotion. 

Why I Created ListLaunch?

Honestly, creating ListLaunch wasn't something on my to-do list this year. 

But after taking the first group of creators through the pilot version of The ComixLaunch Course, I discovered that most of the creators I was working with failed to grasp the power and importance of building an email list of excited fans BEFORE launching their Kickstarter course.

And even if they did understand it's importance, they were struggling to grow their list beyond a few friends and family members.  

While this point was briefly covered in The ComixLaunch Course... I realized a more in-depth training on this crucial topic was needed for creators, especially considering an engaged list is something you should have in place at several months prior to launching a Kickstarter for maximum results. 

So, this past summer, I took a small group of 17 creators through the ListLaunch program. 

Here's what creators like you are saying about ListLaunch:

"When it comes to building and maintaining a relationship with your email list, Tyler James knows the answer to all the questions you never thought to ask. Before joining his List Launch Course I had about 300 people on an email list I rarely contacted. Three months later I'm nearing 700. More importantly I'm engaging with them often enough to build a relationship beneficial to both myself and the people on the list. I highly recommend giving his course a shot. You'll not only be more successful with your emails, you'll finally enjoy writing them, as well." - Kevin Joseph (Kechal Comics)

"Before ListLaunch, I had no idea how to build and maintain an audience. But after only a few short lessons, I not only had over 50 fans on an email list, I was interacting with them regularly and building strong relationships. As the course went on, I continued to build on those numbers by improving my communication techniques and providing value to my audience. With ListLaunch, Tyler James once again proves to be invaluable to anyone trying to build and maintain a fan base." - James Powell (Ten31 Publishing)

"Kudos for the course! I'm enjoying it and I have really learned a lot, and certainly could not have come this far without ListLaunch." - Jay Magnum (Pet Pirahna Entertainment)

"I've had a bunch of wins for 2016...taking courses at Comics Experience and learning to digitally color, having the honor to help out with The Proving Grounds for the first half of the year, and even having our comic accepted by Comixology. But while they were all big wins, the one that stands out the most is starting off my email list with the help of ListLaunch. It has felt like such a giant stride in the right direction that it makes me eager to see where it will go in 2017!" - Ryan Kroboth

ListLaunch is a foundational course that will prepare creators for success not just on Kickstarter, but on every other platform.

So whether you're launching a Kickstarter, a Patreon, or even a direct market release, the lessons learned in ListLaunch will help you maximize the potential of all your future launches. 

ListLaunch Logistics & Schedule

  • Your access to the ListLaunch program will begin immediately upon signing up for ComixLaunch Mastery.
  • Upon signing up, you can dive right into Module 1: Foundation.
  • Each module consists of a number of short training videos, as well as specific "ListLauncher" action steps to keep you moving forward.
  • Downloadable MP3 audio versions of each training are also available.
  • Each module includes templates and worksheets to keep you on track with growing your audience. 
  • Every 10 days, a new module will unlock within ListLaunch, until all 4 modules are unlocked.  
  • The Program also includes Monthly Live Lecture / Q&A Sessions for direct interaction with Tyler James. Times and dates for these live sessions will be determined after the ComixLaunch Mastery enrollment is locked.
  • Live sessions will be recorded and made available afterward for any student who can't attend live.
  • ComixLaunch Mastery students will have lifetime access to ListLaunch, including any and all updates and upgrades added over time.
  • There will be a Private ListLaunch Facebook Group for accountability, group discussion, feedback, and accountability.  

The ListLaunch Modules:

Module 1 - Foundation

  • Why you need an email list BEFORE you launch your Kickstarter… so you can justify committing time and energy to building your list.
  • How big your list needs to be to have a successful Kickstarter… so you’ll have a clear target to shoot for and confidence of success when you launch.
  • The three mistakes most creators make when starting to build their lists… and how you can avoid them.
  • Why Gmail just won't cut it when it comes to emailing your list… and what you should use instead.
  • How to define and refine your personal brand… so that your growing audience can become your biggest advocates.
  • How to define your perfect reader… so that you can find them and talk to them in a way that turns them into life-long fans.

Module 2 - Ignition

  • How to pick the right email service provider… so you can start growing your audience right away.
  • How to set-up your new account quickly… so you can take advantage of its powerful features.
  • The 3 types of emails you need to set up right away… so you can get your list off to a great start.
  • How to understand email metrics… so you don’t waste time paying attention to the wrong things or worrying that your numbers aren’t normal.
  • How to get your first 50-100 email subscribers in a week… (or a weekend if you hustle.)

Module 3 - Automation

  • Why automation is necessary to growing your creative business… and how to grow your fanbase and sales while you sleep!
  • How to create effective automated engagement sequences… without feeling like a robot.
  • The 3 core automated sequences you should set up ASAP… so you can scale your relationship building.
  • Creative (and powerful) uses of automated sequences… so you can make other aspects of your creative endeavors more successful.   
  • 5 list building techniques you can put on autopilot… so you can add subscribers and fans every day without any extra time or effort on your part. 

Module 4 - Acceleration

  • The three core pillars of an effective email strategy… so you can build your relationship with your audience, and not “bother” them.
  • How to write strong email subject lines… so people actually open your emails.
  • 7 tips for better email engagement… so that when your audience reads your emails, they take action.
  • “The Power 100 Strategy” for exploding your reach, network and influence… so you can get your work in front of the right audience.  
  • Intermediate list building strategies… so you can grow your list to 500 subscribers and crush bigger Kickstarter goals.
  • Advanced list building strategies… so you can grow your list to 1000 subscribers and beyond, without sacrificing a close relationship with your lifers.-Building: Getting your First 1000 Subscribers and Beyond

Results you can expect from ListLaunch:

  • You'll learn why an engaged email list is the X-factor for Kickstarter campaign success.
  • You'll know roughly how big a list you'll need to fund the Kickstarter project you have in mind.
  • You'll have a step-by-step plan to start, set-up, and launch your list (or relaunch if you currently have a list but not an energized fanbase.)
  • You'll be working closely with a small group of fellow creators on a similar path as you, to share ideas, insights, and accountability.
  • You'll have access to the private ListLaunch Exchange for creator cross-promotion.
  • You'll have a clear, simple roadmap to get your first 100, 500, and 1,000 subscribers. 

It took me FOREVER to learn the true value of building and growing an engaged fan base. ListLaunch will help you cut out the experimentation and instead focus solely on what's important and what works.

And once you have that engaged audience, it's time to LAUNCH!

We'll spend the rest of 2016 working together to grow an engaged email list of fans and get them primed for your launch.

And then, in January 2017, the all-new and improved ComixLaunch Course will begin!

Let's build your first or next Kickstarter together, following a proven, A-to-Z blueprint for crowdfunding success!

We'll walk you through our tested strategies for planning, executing, and fulfilling a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Once you learn these strategies, you'll be able to use them again and again to grow your platform and fund your creative career!

Here's what's included in the new and improved ComixLaunch Course...


You will learn...

Module 1 - Adopting the ComixLaunch Mindset

  • How to set a clear vision for crowdfunding success.
  • The 7 things all successful Kickstarter creators do.
  • Dangerous Kickstarter myths that ruin campaigns and careers and how to avoid them. 

Module 2 - Putting Your Platform on Steroids

  • Reality Check: What your platform needs to look like to hit your funding goal... and how to get there.
  • Own Your Niche: How to identify and target your ideal backer before your launch.
  • How to prepare your platform for an upcoming Kickstarter launch.

Module 3 - Defining your Minimum Loveable Product

  • The difference between your GCP (Greatest Conceivable Project) and your MLP (Minimum Loveable Product) and which to focus on. 
  • How to pitch your project so backers will love it, too.
  • How to mine the strengths, weaknesses, and threats facing your project for opportunities for success.

Module 4 - Uncovering the Compelling Story Behind Your Project

  • The most underrated asset in your Kickstarter campaign toolbox.
  • Why your backstory matters and how to integrate it into your campaign.
  • How to building a better Kickstarter bio, so backers are proud to support you. 

Module 5 - Kickstarter Reward Master Class

  • Data-driven insights on crafting rewards that excite your backers and add huge profit to your bottom-line.
  • How to price your rewards to build in the profit you need to succeed.
  • The importance of "Day One" and "Pocket" rewards, and other advanced reward strategies to make your campaign stand out.

Module 6 - Kickstarter Budgeting Made Simple

  • Kickstarter budgeting made simple… how to accurately account for the costs of campaigning so you can set the right funding goal.
  • How to calculate a realistic estimate of how much funding you'll be able to raise, so that you don't set your sights too high or too low.
  • How to avoid the hidden budget busters that turn profitable campaigns to money pits.

Module 7 - How to Make a Great Kickstarter Video

  • Why your Kickstarter video matters... but also why it shouldn't be something to stress over.
  • How to create a compelling project video (regardless of skill level!)
  • The top video mistakes and how to avoid them using ComixLaunch video scripts and templates.

Module 8 - Crafting a Killer Kickstarter Project Page

  • Image is Everything: Dos and don’ts for picking an irresistible project image.
  • The 12 Key Compononets of a Killer Kickstarter page + the ComixLaunch Kickstarter page power-ups that make your page stand out.
  • How to write killer Kickstarter copy and design a beautiful page that sells.
  • Perfect Timing: How to determine how long your campaign should be and the best time to launch.

Module 9 - Kickstarter Campaign Marketing Blueprint Part 1 (Free Promotion Strategies) 

  • Kickstarter Marketing Bootcamp: A crash course in traffic, conversion, and sales.
  • How to identify the right media targets and get them to cover your project.
  • Social Media Toolkit - Everything you need to maximize ROI on social media promotion, including an all-in-one Kickstarter promotion planning tool.

Module 10 - Kickstarter Campaign Marketing Blueprint Part 2 (Paid Promotion Strategies) 

  • Advertising that Converts: How to run an effective paid advertising campaign and get the best bang for your promotional buck.
  • How to use the ComixLaunch Facebook Advertising Strategy for Kickstarter Campaigns to maximize your ROI.
  • Kick-alytics: How to use Kickstarter’s powerful analytics to identify what’s working and what isn’t… and what to do next.

Module 11 - The Kickstarter Campaign Execution Guide

  • Pre-launch Checklist: Exactly what to do the 48 hours before going live.
  • How to get your backers out for an explosive day one.
  • The Art of the Update: How keep your biggest supporters engaged all campaign long.
  • Surviving the Deadzone: Precise strategies for keeping momentum going during the difficult middle stretch of the campaign.
  • How to finish strong in the final week, day, and hours of your campaign.

Module 12 - Fulfill Like a Boss and Turn Backers into Lifers

  • The three things you must do within 48 hours of your campaign ending.
  • The Post-campaign Communication Guide: How to keep backers happy while they’re waiting for rewards.
  • The Ultimate Shipping Guide: The best, most efficient way to pack and ship EVERYTHING.
  • Outsourcing Options: How to determine what to handle yourself and what to outsource, including vendor recommendations.
  • Murphy’s Medicine: The most common problems that arise during the fulfillment phase, and exactly how to handle them.

Bonus Session: Pre-Launch Presentations to Get ComixLaunch Peer Feedback!

After you've completed the course, you'll have the opportunity to present the Kickstarter plan, page, and project you've been building to the group & instructors.

Though you'll be getting feedback & input as you craft each element of your campaign all along the way, this final presentation is an opportunity to looking at your campaign's master plan as a whole and uncover some small tweaks you can make that will vastly improve the experience of the backers supporting your campaign & further increase your chances of success!

ComixLaunch Mastery Bonuses


Bonus #1: Get a ComixLaunch Exclusive 10% Discount Off Your Entire Kickstarter Print Run with KrakenPrint!

We've partnered with KrakenPrint to secure a 10% discount off your Kickstarter project's print run, which will drive down your printing costs and add profitability to your campaign. The average KrakenPrint run for comic creators is around $3,500, so this bonus could save you $350 or more.



Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to ListLaunch & The ComixLaunch Course!

Platforms, strategies and tactics change over time. As such, the courses in ComixLaunch Mastery will evolve, adapt, and improve. 

As a founding member of ComixLaunch Mastery, you'll have lifetime access to every update, enhancement, and addition to both courses, so that you can utilize these resources to grow your audience and launch your projects for years to come. 


Bonus #3: Lifetime Membership to the Private ListLaunch & ComixLaunch Course Facebook Groups!

Finding a good forum filled with hard working, serious creators serious about mastering their craft (and not just interested in plugging their projects) is hard.

That's what sets the private dedicated Facebook Groups for ListLaunch & The ComixLaunch Course apart.

These action-focused groups are filled with your coaches and peers from class. It's here that you'll get to share information, strategies, struggles, and resources.

It's also a great mechanism for impromptu live streaming Q&A sessions, as well as instant input on your projects and insight into the latest changes on Kickstarter, and in crowdfunding in general.

And your membership will last beyond the course, so you'll always have this rock solid community to rely on for future launches.

ComixLaunch Mastery Was Built For YOU!

For the past 15 years, I've been working with creators like you. ComixLaunch Mastery was built specifically to respond to the problems YOU mentioned.

If you follow this plan, within the next six months:

  • You'll reach an audience, regardless of the size of your pre-existing fanbase.
  • You'll design a compelling project & effective page.
  • You'll learn the strategies needed to not just survive, but thrive during the Kickstarter Deadzone and afterward, throughout the dreaded fulfillment phase, too.
  • You'll have a group of peers supporting you the entire way, and a direct hotline to Kickstarter coaches who have done this before.
  • And most importantly, you'll be equipped with the mindset, strategies & tactics needed to have success on Kickstarter again and again.

Start the program today risk-free and use it to build and engage your audience for 30 days.

If you're not completely satisfied with the program, you have 30 days to request a complete refund. 

I want to make ComixLaunch Mastery something that's super easy for you to say yes to... so we're removing all of the risk from your shoulders.

Enroll in the course and start using the program, interacting with the ComixLaunch Mastery community and getting results. 

If you're not happy with the program and decide it's not right for you, you have 30 days to request a full refund.

If after 30 days, you don't feel better equipped with the knowledge, resources, and skills to grow your audience in anticipation of a successful Kickstarter project, I want you to request a full refund.

The risk is 100% on my shoulders to deliver an outstanding course and prepare you to launch.

Will You Be the Next ComixLaunch Success Story?

“My biggest win of 2016 was taking the ComixLaunch course and learning to how to double my Kickstarter supporters and expand my email list by 300%!"   - Jim Whiting

“I would recommend The ComixLaunch Course to anybody who’s starting out with Kickstarter. It made all the difference for my campaign." - Joshua Janes

“The ComixLaunch Course taught me how to set up a really good Kickstarter page and how to ready my fan base for launch.” - M.K. Palmer

“The tools -- the spreadsheets, the calculators -- were huge. I’m probably going to use those tools for everything going forward… And knowing about the deadzone and how to conquer that made that part of the campaign way more bearable in my first Kickstarter.” - Kristi McDowell

ComixLaunch Mastery FAQ:

What exactly is ComixLaunch Mastery?

A Step-by-Step online program designed to help you build your audience, start and grow and engaged email list of fans, plan and then successfully fund your Kickstarter campaign.

When does it begin?

As soon as you enroll! For 7 weeks from late January into March of 2016.

Once you purchase the course between now and Tuesday November 1, you'll have instant access to Module 1 of ListLaunch. For 7 weeks from late January into March of 2016.

Then, every 10 days, a new module of ListLaunch will unlock, giving you two solid months to set up your audience foundation for a successful Kickstarter launch. 

Then, in January, 2017, The ComixLaunch Course will begin, and you'll be guided step-by-step through the process of planning, executing, launching, and fulfilling a Kickstarter campaign. 

Is this a Live Course?

ComixLaunch Mastery includes both pre-recorded training videos (and accompanying MP3s) as well as live monthly Q&A sessions and a Private Facebook support group for both ListLaunch and the ComixLaunch Course.

So, you can go through the step-by-step training videos at your own pace... but always get real-time support and feedback in the Facebook group or during the live Q&A sessions. 

All live sessions will be recorded & archived in the course in case you miss one.


You can access the course on the portal site, powered by Kajabi, which will make it extremely easy for you to go through the course, and come back to the material any time you need it.

The class will also have a Facebook component in the form of a private group used to discuss the course contents & continue the conversation.


We'll continue to deliver the free, valuable content you've come to expect from the ComixLaunch podcast.

However, ComixLaunch Mastery represents the highest level of value we can provide.

This course is for creators who would like hands-on attention, a step-by-step plan, and somebody to keep them accountable.

The ListLaunch and ComixLaunch Course blueprints, the peer group you'll be with, and direct coaching is meant to do just that and more.

The end goal, as with everything ComixLaunch, is to jumpstart your career and turn Kickstarter into a renewable resource for you.

Tech Required:

You'll need a steady internet connection to access the online portal for the course (located here) and engage with both the Facebook group & live workshops / recordings.

All of our resources will be mobile friendly.

To participate in the live training sessions, a microphone and/or webcam definitely won't hurt for any possible face to face chatting we want to do, but it's not a course requirement.