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Fan List Spring Cleaning 
& GDPR Compliance Challenge

Finally clean up your existing fan list (or start a new one) and get GDPR-compliant in time for the May 25th deadline in a stress-FREE, easy-to-follow, 5 day challenge, so that you can improve your email open rate and engage your fans in total compliance with the new law.

Challenge Begins May 14. Register Today!

The challenge begins in just...









By the end of this free five day challenge you will have:

  • Made the necessary changes to your audience building platform so that you're in compliance with the new law and can confidently continue to grow your audience without the stress of hefty GDPR fines.
  • Made sure that your current audience building tech solutions are the best ones for you current situation.
  • Cleaned your email list of cold subscribers to increase your open rates and improve your standing with your email service provider.
  • Added even more value to your fan base to continue your growth towards 1000+ true fans.
  • Networked with creators on a similar journey as you and been supported along the way!

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