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Watch the recording of the ComixLaunch MasterMind Info Session to get all the details on these programs and discover whether it's exactly what you need in your life in 2018.


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In this video:

  • Introductions and Welcome [0:02]
  • Who knows what a MasterMind is? [1:25]
  • About Me (Briefly) [4:04]
  • The Key Practice for Growth [7:26]
  • What is a MasterMind (Really)? [10:40]
  • What a MasterMind is NOT [14:45]
  • What Can a MasterMindDo for You? [16:44]
  • Why am I starting a MasterMind for the ComixLaunchCommunity? [21:45]
  • Why my #1 Job is for the MasterMind to work (Hint: It's not to have all the answers!) [24:06]
  • Who can apply to the ComixLaunch MasterMind [24:35]
  • The NEW ComixLaunch MasterMind Matchmaker Service [25:00]
  • The ComixLaunch MasterMind work [26:00]
  • What is the Commitment for Joining a ComixLaunch MasterMind? [32:55]
  • Additional Perks for Founding Members [36:12]
  • The Investment Options [39:40]
  • How to Apply for the ComixLaunch MasterMind [40:30]
  • Key Application Dates [42:56]
  • FAQs & Q&A [45:08]
  • Final Thank You [55:00]

To the Dedicated & Determined Creator:

Achieving a BREAKTHROUGH Year in 2018 Begins Here!

Application & Enrollment into the 2018 ComixLaunch MasterMind are now open!

"What is the ComixLaunch MasterMind & How Can It Help Me?"

The ComixLaunch MasterMind is designed for hardworking, dedicated creators who are looking for an edge in their creative business and creative lives. 

If you are proud of what you've accomplished to this point in your career mostly on your own, but realize that to get to the next level, you'll need to expand your professional network and spend more time with other extraordinary creators who will push you, support you, and encourage you to succeed, the ComixLaunch MasterMind may be just what you're looking for. 

Not a course. Not an event. The ComixLaunch MasterMind is an Immersive 6-Month Experience! 

The promise of the ComixLaunch MasterMind is simple: To faciliate a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in your creative business and your life by connecting you regularly and intimately with a small, carefully selected group of creators as serious about achieving their dreams as you are.

MasterMind Applications Close In...









No One Builds a Career Alone.

When you join a ComixLaunch MasterMind group, you won't have to.

What is a Mastermind (Really)?

A small, very focused group of like-minded creators who meet regularly in a structured way to share resources and connections, sharpen and strengthen their creative business strategies, and support each other in mutually beneficial ways.

Why Are Masterminds So Powerful?

1) Everybody has blindspots.

We ALL have things in our creative lives we can’t see from the inside.

We all struggle with self doubt and paralysis, and we are prone to getting stuck.

The right mastermind will support you, not let you fail, an push you to new heights.

2) Not all peer feedback is created equal.

Who do you listen to?

Whose advice do you take?

Who do you trust?

If you've been flailing around taking all advice from every corner of the internet, your "creative business strategy" might be incoherent at best and counterproductive at worst.

Meeting regularly with a group of qualified peers you know are committed to your best interests and are trying to do what you do will provide a far higher level of quality feedback.

Everyone is in the group to bring value, and has some skin in the game to make the group a success.

3) If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

You may have gotten to this point largely on your own and may even be proud of that. (And you should be.)

But at a certain point, what got you here, won't get you there.

Your network may be your single greatest asset, and being a part of a dedicated mastermind group will quickly become the most invaluable part of your network.

Who it's for:

  • Comic creators, writers and publishers who are already on their creative journey, and are looking to level their creative business up to the high five- to six-figure mark and beyond.
  • Creators who get excited about the prospect of contributing to the growth of other creators' businesses along with their own.

Who it's NOT for:

  • Someone who hasn't figured out what they want to create or who they want to create for.
  • Someone who has never sold or launched a book.
  • Someone looking for a DIY how-to course.
  • Someone only interested in taking and what's in it for them. 
  • Someone unable or unwilling to invest in him or herself or business.

This may be just what you're looking for IF...’re looking to create your biggest launch ever in a breakthrough 2018.

...if you're overwhelmed by all of the possible projects you COULD do and need help clarify what you SHOULD be doing to actually achieve your creative goals. feel like strategy, coaching, community and support are currently missing in your creative business.’re ready to grow your network of quality peers to include serious creators with whom you can talk strategy, growth, and taking your creative business to the next level.

If that sounds like you, a ComixLaunch MasterMind may be exactly what you're looking for to make 2018 a breakthrough year, both creatively and business wise.

There are two levels of ComixLaunch MasterMind Groups you may choose to join:

Option 1: ComixLaunch MasterMind Matchmaker

Let the ComixLaunch Team connect you with the perfect mastermind group for whatever level you're at in your creative journey, and show you how to launch and run effective mastermind sessions. 

  • You will be matched with a pre-screened group of creator peers committed to mutual support.
  • You will be given training and resources on how to best run a mastermind group.
  • Tyler James will facilitate the Kickoff Mastermind session in order to get your group off to the best possible start.
  • Access to ComixLaunch Pro MasterMind Exclusive training library of Master Class recordings.


The Commitment

  • Commit to at least 6 Months. (July - December 2018)
  • Make the group and the people in it a priority in your life, so you can receive the benefits of a mastermind.
The Investment
  • One time investment of $199. (Less than $1.10 a day)
  • Active ComixLaunch Pro Members: Only $99.

Option 2: The ComixLaunch MasterMind Experience:

[Only a Limited Number of Seats Available]

Join the exclusive mastermind for serious creators run and lead each month by Tyler James of ComixLaunch.

The ComixLaunch MasterMind is for comic creators, writers and publishers who are already on their creative journey, and are looking to level their creative business up to the high five- to six-figure mark and beyond.

Every creator in this group is genuinely excited about the prospect of contributing to the growth of other creators' businesses along with their own.

  • Six Months of Monthly Roundtable Coaching & Accountability Calls
  • Private FB MasterMind Group
  • Monthly Themes & High Performance Exercises
    Accountability Check-ins
  • 🔥🔥 ComixLaunch Pro Membership: Access to Full Library of Programs for 6 Months, including The ComixLaunch Course ($699.00), ListLaunch ($399.99) & Beyond Kickstarter ($297.00).
  • Founding Member Price Lock
  • NEW: 3 ComixLaunch MasterMind Master Classes with accomplished guest lectures speaking on an area of expertise relevant to all creatives. You can attend live and will have access to the recording. More details on Master Classes to come.

The Commitment

  • Commit to at least 6 Months. (July - December 2018)
  • Make the group and the people in it a priority in your life, so you can receive the benefits of a mastermind.
The Investment
  • $149 per month for 6 months or $847 paid in full. (Less than $4.65 a day)
  • Active ComixLaunch Pro Members: Only $110 per month or $597 paid in full.

How to Join Us

If you think you'd like to be a part of a ComixLaunch MasterMind, here are your next steps...

1. Make sure you meet the requirements...

For you to be a good fit for a spot in the ComixLaunch MasterMind, you should be:

✔ Already on your journey growing an audience and selling to them.

✔ Able to make this group a priority in 2018.

✔ Excited about adding value for others as much as receiving it.

✔ Able to joining without it burdening you financially.

2. Fill out the short MasterMind Application...

Take your time and fill out the short, but powerful ComixLaunch MasterMind Application. I'll be reviewing these applications carefully in order to put the right creators in the right groups.


3. Pay the 100% refundable "Yes, I'm serious" deposit...

After you submit your application, you'll be given a link to go pay a $50 100% refundable deposit. I will only be reviewing applications from creators who have submitted a deposit, so as to not spend time finding groups for creators who aren't serious.

If you are not matched with an acceptable ComixLaunch MasterMind group or reconsider joining, your deposit will be returned to you in full.

Are you on the fence about joining?

That's totally understandable, especially if you've never been in a MasterMind group before. 

Even if you are not 100% sure about joining yet, I encourage you to fill out the short application anyway. (No deposit is required to access or complete the application.)

Answering the questions in the short application will help you get clear and focused on where you are and what you need next in your creative business heading into 2018.


This is going to be an incredible year!

I really do hope we get to work together in 2018 and can't wait to get started!

Thank You!

Whether you join us inside ComixLaunch MasterMind next year or not, I really do appreciate your time & attention, and I hope you enjoyed learning more about the concept of MasterMinds.

I can’t wait to see what you launch next!


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