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ListLaunch is your complete blueprint to build a highly targeted and engaged audience that will support your work WITHOUT being spammy or spending all of your time on social media. You're invited to join a program and community of writers, artists, and publishers serious about building their tribe that is proven to work even if you hate self-promotion or are a complete unknown.

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An Email List of Engaged Fans is the Key to a Successful Launch.

Whether you're trying to launch a project on Kickstarter, Patreon, your own Online Shop, the Direct Market or any other channel... the key to bigger, better, more successful launch is found in your list!

Despite all of the excitement and buzz about social media, the reality is that Email is more effective at getting fans to support your projects than Facebook posts, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media... combined!

Did You Realize...

  • 91% of us check email every day.
  • 66% of us have made a purchase based on an email received this month.
  • On average, 4.2% of visitors from email marketing buy something…
  • ...compared to 2.5% of visitors from search engines…
  • ...and just .59% from social media.
  • An email buyer spends 300% more than the average social media buyer.
  • A message sent via an email is 500% more likely to be seen than on Facebook.
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email vs 17% who prefer social media.

Did You Catch That?

Someone on your email list is more likely to:

  • See your message...
  • Read your message...
  • Click on your message...
  • Back your project...
  • Back at a higher dollar amount...
  • And actually prefers you’re marketing to them there…

...compared to social media.


Are You Ready to Grow Your List?

If so, I can help you!

My name is Tyler James and I help Writers, Artists, Comic Creators and Publishers launch!

I’m a writer, artist, award-winning game designer, publisher and educator.

I’m co-founder of the internationally distributed comic book, graphic novel & children’s book imprint ComixTribe and the host of ComixLaunch, the #1 rated crowdfunding podcast for writers, artists, and self-publishers.

And I’m on a mission to help creators sustainably bring their art to a world that desperately needs it by leveraging the power of Kickstarter… and channels beyond Kickstarter.

And all of that starts with an engaged email list of true fans.

My Email List is One of the Most Valuable Assets in My Creative Business...

I wish someone told me how important my email list was when I was just getting started publishing. It wasn't until after my first successful Kickstarter launch that I truly discovered that the energy (and the funding) is found in the list! And I've been studying and implementing email list growth strategies ever since!

Just How Valuable is an Email List, Exactly?

My team and I recently had our biggest Kickstarter launch ever with the SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU project, and our segmented email list of Lovecraft Children's Book Fans was the #1 source of funding for our project...

However, Most Creators Do Not Have a Large and Engaged Email List, Rarely Communicate With the Small List They Do Have, and Don't Have Systems in Place to Grow Their List Every Single Month.

This was one of the first things I discovered when I started working directly with creators in The ComixLaunch Course

8 creators signed on to the pilot program of a course to plan a successful Kickstarter campaign, and not a single one had an email list they were prepping for launch.

Knowing how important a launch list is to a succesful Kickstarter, I quickly added a number of trainings to help those creators make up for lost time, and they were successful getting those lists started and Kickstarters funded. 

But what I discovered was there was so much more I show creators when it comes to building, growing, engaging and automating email communication with fans...

And That's Why I Created ListLaunch

A proven step-by-step system for writers, artists & publishers who want to start and grow an engaged email list of 1,000 true fans who will support their future launches on Kickstarter… and beyond!

What Exactly Is ListLaunch?

ListLaunch is a four-module online training program tailor-made for creators ready to get serious about growing an engaged email list of true fans.

ListLaunch is also a private community of dedicated, hardworking creators also passionate about building their fan bases, who will support and encourage you along the way.

Once enrolled in ListLaunch, you’ll have instant, 24/7 access to the program.

And that’s lifetime access, which includes updates.

ListLaunch is your complete plan to building an engaged email list step-by-step, with nothing left out!


You had all the network, guidance, strategies, and accountability to build a large and loyal audience that appreciates and supports your work.

You knew the techniques, best practices, and habits that professional creators use to keep subscribers engaged and interested as you build your creative business.

You had the ability to attract hundreds of new people and streamlined, automated systems in place to do so without having to spend all your time on social media or self-promoting.

You had a plan that outlined exactly what you should be doing to build a better relationship with a consistently growing fan base.

You knew precisely where to find more of your ideal readers and how to turn strangers into subscribers who interact, engage and fund you and your projects?

If all of that were true, do you think you could launch with confidence on Kickstarter and beyond and start going after even bigger goals?

Are you coachable?

Can you follow a step-by-step plan?

Then ListLaunch might just be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Here's How ListLaunch is Structured to Get You Fast Results

In Foundation, you will learn…

🚀 How big your list needs to be to have a successful Kickstarter… so you’ll have a clear target to shoot for and confidence of success when you launch.

🚀 The three mistakes most creators make when starting to build their lists… and how you can avoid them.

🚀 How to find and attract your perfect reader… so that you can find them and talk to them in a way that turns them into lifelong fans.

By the end of Foundation, you will know more about effective email communication than 95% of your peers and will be regularly sending relationship building emails to your growing list.

In Ignition, you will learn…

🚀 How to select and set-up your new email service provider account quickly… so you can take advantage of its powerful features.

🚀 The 3 types of emails you need to set up right away… so you can get your list off to a great start.

🚀 How to understand email metrics… so you don’t waste time paying attention to the wrong things or worrying that your numbers aren’t normal.

By the end of Ignition, you will have set up and optimized a proper email service provider and have a system in place for communicating regularly with over 100 engaged subscribers.

In Automation, you will learn…

🚀 Why automation is necessary to growing your business… and how to grow your fanbase and sales while you sleep!

🚀 The 3 core automated sequences you should set up ASAP so you can scale your relationship building.

🚀 5 list building techniques you can put on autopilot… so you can add subscribers and fans every day without any extra time or effort on your part.

🚀 How to set up offers and links that will get more clicks and lead to more future funding.

By the end of Automation, you will have put some of your list-building and communication on auto-pilot to power bigger launches on Kickstarter and elsewhere.

In Acceleration, you will learn…

🚀 The three core pillars of an effective email strategy… so you can build your relationship with your audience, and not “bother” them.

🚀 The secrets of better email engagement… so that when your audience reads your emails, they take action.

🚀 Intermediate and Advanced list building strategies… so you can grow your list to 500-1000+ subscribers and crush bigger goals on Kickstarter... and beyond.

By the end of Acceleration, you will have a concrete game plan for getting known in your niche and have added predictability to your audience growth, so you can stay focused on what you care about the most… making your art.

Get All the Step-By-Step Training Now with 24-7, Mobile Friendly Access!

The Private ListLaunch Membership Site Includes...

  • 20+ step-by-step training videos
  • MP3 downloads for each training
  • Worksheets, Checklists, Templates
  • Short actionable activities to move your List Building forward with every training
  • Commenting and Feedback
  • Links to Recommended Tools & Resources


Access the ListLaunch Private Facebook Group to...

  • Extend the conversation
  • Share strategies & resources
  • Meet dedicated, hard working creators
  • Get accountability, support & feedback
  • Create opportunities for collaboration & cooperation

"Before ListLaunch, I had no idea how to build and maintain an audience. But after only a few short lessons, I not only had over 50 fans on an email list, I was interacting with them regularly and building strong relationships. As the course went on, I continued to build on those numbers by improving my communication techniques and providing value to my audience. With ListLaunch, Tyler James once again proves to be invaluable to anyone trying to build and maintain a fan base."

James Powell
(Ten31 Publishing)

"When it comes to building and maintaining a relationship with your email list, Tyler James knows the answer to all the questions you never thought to ask. Before joining his List Launch Course I had about 300 people on an email list I rarely contacted. Three months later I'm nearing 700. More importantly I'm engaging with them often enough to build a relationship beneficial to both myself and the people on the list. I highly recommend giving his course a shot. You'll not only be more successful with your emails, you'll finally enjoy writing them, as well."

Kevin Joseph
Kechal Comics

"The ListLaunch course has been phenomenal. Tyler taught me one simple trick that boosted my engagement rate exponentially. If that weren’t enough, his system grew my list by 30% in a week, with more subscribers coming in all the time. Serious about your comics career? Do yourself a favor and follow Tyler’s step-by-step blueprint for success. "

Clay Adams
Fried Comics

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ListLaunch Bonuses

Get Faster Results With These ListLaunch Bonuses Included When You Sign Up Now!

Bonus #1: How to Mine Your Contacts Tutorial

ListLaunch is designed to help creators even if they're starting to build an audience from absolute zero. This bonus training will help you quickly uncover hundreds of existing contacts who aren't on your email list (but should be) so you can hit the ground running!

Bonus #2: Inside Tyler's Email Accounts Videos

The software associated with email list building can be intimidating, especially if you've only been relying on Gmail or Yahoo in the past. That's why I've recorded videos inside of two of the most popular email marketing software providers, showing you how exactly I use my accounts, my most favorite features, protips and more!

Bonus #3: Best In Class Email Look-Book

ListLaunch will help you find the right people to communicate with and show you how to do it in an authentic and engaging way. But it still helps to see a lot of examples of good email communication. Well, over the past year, dozens of ListLaunch creators have sent hundreds of emails to their list. We've archived some of the best of the best for you to review and model.

Bonus #4: Ready For Launch Workshop

Ready For Launch: How to Fund Your Comic and Graphic Novel Project WITHOUT a Big Social Media Following is a 90 minute workshop Tyler James have given to hundreds of creators to prep them for their first or next launch. The entire workshop video, slides, workbook and MP3 audio is archived for you inside of the ListLaunch Program.

Ready to Grow Your List and Launch With Confidence?

If you're a writer, artist, or self-publisher looking for a system to grow your audience and build an email list of true fans who will support your work, look no further...



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