FB Ads Demystified Workshop

[The Super Short Version for Super Busy Creators]



Only Have 6 Minutes? Watch This!

I recently put together a very well-received live 60-minute online workshop called Facebook Ads Demystified!

However, I realized that not every creator has the luxury of a free hour or can make the times I'm available.

So, for you, the busy creator who still wants to know how FB ads can be used to grow an audience, fund Kickstarter campaigns or boost your sales, I recorded this super condensed version just for you. 

Now, the full workshop goes into these concepts in a lot more detail and there are bonuses and such, so if you want more, or want to get your questions answered, definitely do try to attend an upcoming life full workshop at ComixLaunch.com/fbads.

But for those of you looking for a coffee-fueled quick hit of actionable insight, buckle up and watch this video now!

After it's done, if you want more training and help with this stuff, keep reading, as I have a special offer for you!

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