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"I joined THE COMIXLAUNCH COURSE because pretty much everything about launching a Kickstarter for my graphic novel scared me. Since joining, my first campaign made 24K out of a 10K goal. In other words, I know what to do to produce and print my graphic novel--and maybe make a profit. The thoroughness, the details and having the course divided into many careful steps was tremendously helpful. Recommended for people who want to make a career out of their books or comics."

Amélie Hutt (Angels Power)
($26,531 Raised on Kickstarter)

"I am a completely different creative person than I was a few years ago thanks to the course and the network within it. The step-by-step Kickstarter blueprint helped me believe I too could have a successful launch, and then actually do it! Perfect for ANYONE planning to launch a project on Kickstarter."

John Edingfield II (Rancidville)
($7,430 Raised on Kickstarter)

"After 3 years making my book, including all artwork, the idea that it wouldn’t fund was unthinkable. THE COMIXLAUNCH COURSE was the most specific and credible course I could see, so I joined. I had confidence that Tyler could take me through the steps that would make my 1st launch successful... and my project overfunded! Now I understand the dynamics of selling, and after starting from square one, I have a list of 1000+ people who actually open my emails. Anyone thinking of running a Kickstarter campaign for a comic/graphic novel should do this course. Mind-enhancing instruction, incredible supportive community and awesome value for the money."

Rene Pfitzner (Sneaky Goblins)
($8,776 Raised on Kickstarter)

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