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So, you wanna launch a Kickstarter project?

I don't blame you... not when I consider this number:


That's the total amount of successful funding raised for comic book projects to date on Kickstarter.

Awesome, right? 

Even cooler... most of that funding has gone to thousands of independent creators with relatively small fan bases.

Kickstarter will continue to be the #1 platform in the world for independent creators looking to fund and launch comics, graphic novels, and other creative projects for years to come.

Therefore, harnessing the power of the Kickstarter platform is a critical skill for 21st century creators.

What would successfully funding & fulfilling your next Kickstarter mean to you?

 Would a wildly successful Kickstarter give you...

Validation for the countless hours you've already put into your project?

Evidence of making the transition from hobbiest to professional?

Proof that you have an audience that values your work?

Hope that making comics is a feasible career goal?

Stock for conventions which would make them more profitable?

Proof that if you could do it once you could do it again...

And again...

And again to bring all of your future dream projects to life?


For ComixLaunch Pro creators, repeated, predictable success on the Kickstarter platform & beyond has been empowering...

Inside this community, we've gained the knowledge, skills, and mastery of the Kickstarter platform to know that if we can dream it, we can fund it.

And we do so...

Without the approval of a gatekeeper.

Without waiting for anyone's permission.

Without hoping to get picked.

 All we need is the right project...

And the right plan.

Just a Few of the Many Projects Successfully Funded by ComixLaunch Pro Creators...

To date, ComixLaunch Pro creators have collectively raised over $350,000.00 in funding for their dream projects... and counting!

So, What's Our Secret?

The truth is, the more success you have on a platform like Kickstarter, the easier it is to repeat that success.

And while every project is unique in some ways, having a replicable system that you can apply to any project is the key to repeat success on the platform.

Unfortunately, most creators on Kickstarter don't have a plan for success... and the stats prove it. 

The overall success rate for projects on Kickstarter is just 35%, and it's dropping.

However, since ComixLaunch went live in mid-2015, the comics category has been a bit of an outlier on Kickstarter, with the success rate raising 4% in that time, to over 54% today!

(I like to think the show and our listeners have played a part in that.)

Here's Why ComixLaunch Pro Creators Are So Successful...

1: We Focus on Building and Engaging an Excited Fan Base First.

Because the simple truth is that crowdfunding doesn't work very well without a crowd.

2: We Launch on Kickstarter Following a Proven Plan.

Because it's silly to waste time reinventing the crowdfunding wheel when a proven step-by-step system already exists?

3: We Leverage Kickstarter Success into New Sales Channels.

Because we realizes that a successful launch is only the beginning, and we need a plan to sell more of our work beyond Kickstarter.

Would you like to use this proven plan to ignite your career, too?

Imagine you had instant access to...

Proven Step-By-Step Systems & Blueprints

to grow and engage a fanbase, crowdfund your projects, and expand sales into new channels.

Dozens of Actionable Training Videos

covering everything from audience building to project design, marketing, fulfillment and beyond.

Detailed Workbooks, Checklists & Cheat Sheets

to help you keep focused, stay on track and accomplish your big goals.

Private Facebook Groups

filled with successful creator peers who will hold you accountable, share resources, and keep you motivated along your journey.

Live Monthly Video Coaching Calls

to get individual feedback on your projects and launches so that nothing stands in your way.

Exclusive Members-Only Discounts

on printing and other products & services creators like us use to expand our audiences and fund our campaigns.

...If You Had All These Proven Tools & Resources at Your Disposal, Could Your Creative Career Take a Big Leap in the Next 90 Days?

If you answered yes, then I'd like to officially invite you to join over one hundred exceptional creators inside...


The All-New ComixLaunch Pro Membership

An All-Access Pass to Proven Step-By-Step Blueprints to Build and Audience, Fund Your Projects & Increase Sales, and the #1 Community of Active Comic Book Crowdfunders.

The Promise of ComixLaunch Pro

Let's grow your audience and then plan and launch your first or next Kickstarter together, following a proven, A-to-Z blueprint for crowdfunding success!

You don't need to launch alone!

Rather than try to figure out the secret alchemy that separates success and failure on Kickstarter all by yourself, you can learn this stuff the right way alongside other creators on a similar journey.

We'll walk you through our tested strategies for planning, executing, and fulfilling a successful Kickstarter campaign.

And once you learn and master these skills, you'll be able to use them again and again to grow your platform and fund your creative career for many projects to come!

ComixLaunch Pro creators have now collectively raised over $150,000.00 in funding to bring their dream projects to life.

I'd like to invite you to become the next ComixLaunch Pro success story!

Here's What's Included in Your All-Access ComixLaunch Pro Membership...

Ready to get serious about growing & engaging a list of 1,000+ true fans?



Your complete blueprint to build a highly targeted and engaged audience that will support your work WITHOUT being spammy or spending all of your time on social media.

The complete ListLaunch Program & Community [$399.00 Value] is Included in Your ComixLaunch Pro Membership!  
πŸš€ Yes, I'm ready to grow my list!

Ready to master Kickstarter so you can confidently fund your dream project?


The ComixLaunch Course

A proven, A-to-Z blueprint for successfully crowdfunding comic book & graphic novel projects, even if you're a first-time creator, so you can harness the power of Kickstarter to fund your projects, engage your audience, and build the foundation for your creative career.

The complete ComixLaunch Course Program & Community [$799.00 Value] is Included in Your ComixLaunch Pro Membership!
πŸš€ Yes, I'm ready to fund my project!

Ready to explode your sales in new channels so you can sell more of your books year round?


Beyond Kickstarter

A proven, blueprint to increased comic book sales on channels and platforms outside of Kickstarter, including online, conventions, and Patreon, so that you can reach a broader audience and sell more of your art during the 92% of the year when you aren't launching a Kickstarter.

The complete Beyond Kickstarter Program & Community [$399.00 Value] is Included in Your ComixLaunch Pro Membership!
πŸš€ Yes, I'm ready to sell more in new channels!

Am I a good fit for ComixLaunch Pro?

You might be wondering whether or not you'd be a good fit for this program and community. Let me help...

If You are a Creator Who:

πŸš€  Has a dream project you’d like to bring to life…

πŸš€ Is coachable, and willing to learn some new strategies and take a step outside your comfort zone to get bigger and better results…

πŸš€  Has integrity and is ready to become a good steward of the Kickstarter platform and committed to leaving it better than you found it....

πŸš€ Is willing to put some skin in the game to prove to yourself and your audience that you believe in your project and creative career as much as they should...

...Then You WILL Succeed on Kickstarter and You Belong In This Program and Community!

All you have to do is follow the steps.

But ComixLaunch Pro is NOT for everyone. 

You definitely should NOT join if...

☹ Your glass is always half empty. We’re creators. That means we need to believe in things BEFORE we see them in order to make them real. Your attitude will determine your altitude on Kickstarter and beyond.

☹ You’re not coachable or open to new ideas, strategies and actions that will make a real difference in your creative business.

☹ You’re not a person of integrity... the Kickstarter platform is a tremendous resource to our community, and not one we can take for granted. Go into it looking to leave the platform better than you found it.

☹ You are only interested in creating as a hobby. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... however ComixLaunch Pro is a community of creators who are creating for themselves and to sell to an audience.

If you're not a great fit, no hard feelings and we're still rooting for you.

But if you're willing to work hard enough, smart enough, and to commit...

πŸš€ Commit to bringing PASSION to every project.

πŸš€ Commit to taking ACTION, even when it's scary.

πŸš€ Commit to building a NETWORK and always adding value first.

πŸš€ Commit to doing things with INTEGRITY and keeping the promises you make to others and to yourself.

πŸš€ Commit to never stop developing your TALENT because we are all works in progress.

... Then I hope we'll soon see you inside ComixLaunch Pro!


So, What's the Investment to Enroll in ComixLaunch Pro?

ComixLaunch is on a mission to empower creators to make bold leaps in their creative careers, and provide tremendous ongoing value a price point that even new creators can afford.

Until now, the only option to invest in a premium ComixLaunch training program & community was to purchase lifetime access at a premium price. The ComixLaunch Course, for example, is a $799.00 program.

And honestly, that was working great... 

Premium pricing meant that creators who invested in the course were invested in themselves. They took the commitment seriously, and got RESULTS. For example, where the overall Kickstarter success rate is just 35%, ComixLaunch Course creators' projects are boasting a 95%+ success rate! 

However, premium pricing also meant that many creators who were ready and willing to join the program, especially younger creators just getting started, were priced out. 

So, we've created a NEW super-affordable enrollment option that will serve more creators and build a stronger community.

You can now get access to everything you need to grow your audience, fund your projects and expand into new sales channels for less than the cost of: 

  • Your cable bill. 
  • Your phone bill.
  • A daily coffee habit.
  • A dinner for two at a chain restaurant. 
  • Movies & Popcorn for two.

Yes, there is still an investment required to access the ComixLaunch Pro Training and Community. 

But this is an investment literally everyone can afford if they choose to make it a priority in their life.

The choice is yours.

If you're ready to invest a little in yourself, your passion and your creative business so that you can achieve new levels of success, happiness and creative fulfillment, and then watch that investment come back in multiples month after month in the form of new relationships, skills and sales, THEN WELCOME ABOARD!

Remember, what got you here won't get you there... if you're ready to take your career to new heights, take new action today!

3 Enrollment Options to Help You Succeed.

Choose the Best Plan for You:



+ One Time Enrollment Fee of $99

ComixLaunch Pro Membership

πŸš€ All Current Training Programs

πŸš€ All Video Tutorials, Checklists, Cheatsheets & Templates

πŸš€ Monthly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions

πŸš€ All Private Facebook Groups

πŸš€ Welcome & Orientation Call 

πŸš€ All Members Only Discounts

πŸš€ All Future Training Programs

β˜† 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

πŸš€ GET TWO MONTHS FREE with your Annual Subscription!

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No Enrollment Fee!

ComixLaunch Pro Membership

πŸš€ All Current Training Programs

πŸš€ All Video Tutorials, Checklists, Cheatsheets & Templates

πŸš€ Monthly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions

πŸš€ All Private Facebook Groups

πŸš€ Welcome & Orientation Call 

πŸš€ All Members Only Discounts

πŸš€ All Future Training Programs

β˜† 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

πŸš€ GET TWO MONTHS FREE with your Annual Subscription!

πŸš€ Join ComixLaunch Pro!



Lifetime Access!

Elite ComixLaunch Pro Membership

Includes everything in the ComixLaunch Pro Membership, plus...

πŸš€ A single, one-time payment for lifetime access to all present and future ComixLaunch programs

πŸš€ BONUS: 40-minute one-on-one strategy call with Tyler James ($200.00 value)

πŸš€ BONUS: One ComixLaunch Podcast Sponsorship ($50.00 value)

πŸš€ BONUS: Promotional blurb from Tyler James (Only available here)

πŸš€ Join ComixLaunch Pro!

Risk-Free Enrollment!

Join ComixLaunch Pro today risk-free and use it to build your audience or plan your next launch for 30 days.

With over 100 successful creators thriving inside ComixLaunch Pro, we're completely confident that joining will be an absolute game-changer for you.  

We're also confident that YOU will bring tremendous value to our growing community when you join. 

That's why we're removing all of the risk from your shoulders.

Enroll in ComixLaunch Pro today, start going through the trainings and interacting with our community.

If after 30 days, you don't feel better equipped with the knowledge, resources, and skills to grow your audience, run more successful Kickstarter projects, or increase sales in in channels, I want you to request a full refund.

The risk is 100% on ComixLaunch's shoulders to deliver an outstanding experience and help you achieve your creative goals.

Special Membership Bonus: ComixLaunch Pro Exclusive 10%-Off Discount on Your Entire Kickstarter Print Run with KrakenPrint!

We've partnered with KrakenPrint to secure a 10%-Off discount on your Kickstarter project's print run, which will drive down your printing costs and add profitability to your campaign.

The average KrakenPrint run for comic creators is around $3,500, so this bonus could save you $350.00 or more.

πŸš€ Enroll Now!

Start Planning Your Next Kickstarter Alongside a Small Group of Passionate, Hardworking & Talented Creators Today!

Don't put off taking action on creating the career of your dreams any longer. Make your next launch your best launch ever by joining the premiere community of comic creator crowdfunders today!

Who's Behind ComixLaunch Pro, Anyway? 

Hey, thanks for asking!

my name is Tyler James. 

I'm the host of ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter... and Beyond! a weekly podcast on iTunes.

As the publisher behind the ComixTribe and C is for Cthulhu brands, I have successfully managed 11 Kickstarter projects that have collectively raised more than $320,000.00 with the support of over 7,000 backers. 

More importantly, my ComixLaunch guests and I have helped hundreds of creators like you raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their own projects funded.

ComixLaunch is on a mission to make Comics the Kickstarter category with the highest success rate on the platform. 

Enrollment is now open for ComixLaunch Pro, the #1 training library and community for serious comic creators interested in leveling up their launches this year.

Are you in?


Tyler & ComixLaunch Have Been Featured On

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the program and whether or not it's right for you? Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions to help you decide.

Q: What exactly is a ComixLaunch Pro Membership?

A: One way to think of a ComixLaunch Pro membership is sort of like Netflix for your creative business, plus opportunities for additional live coaching and networking.

When you become a member, you'll have immediate access to our full training library, including ListLaunch, The ComixLaunch Course & Beyond Kickstarter, and more.

Q: What's the difference between the three programs?

A: Our flagship program, The ComixLaunch Course is a step-by-step online training program designed to help you plan, execute, successfully fund, and then fulfill your next Kickstarter campaign.

ListLaunch is a program that will take you by the hand and show you how to start and grow an engaged email list, which will power all of your launches.

And BEYOND KICKSTARTER will show you how to expand into new channels and sell more of your books in between your crowdfunding campaigns.

Q: When does these courses begin?

A: As soon as you enroll! Once you purchase your membership, you'll have instant access to each of the training programs. 

Q: How much more is in ComixLaunch Pro vs. what you already share on the ComixLaunch podcast?

A: The ComixLaunch podcast strives to be the best free resource for creators looking to harness the power of the Kickstarter platform.

However, the difference between the courses and the podcast is the difference between reading a magazine about a topic you're interested in and taking a master-level class with a seasoned instructor alongside a room full of talented peers learning and practicing with you.

The difference is night and day!

Each program gives you a sequenced, step-by-step blueprint for success.

Each training includes examples, checklists, templates, case studies, and videos for every piece.

Plus, instead of learning this on your own, you'll be doing it alongside other creators and with direct access to Tyler James to get your individual questions answered.

Q: Is this a Live Course?

A: ComixLaunch Pro courses include both pre-recorded training videos (and accompanying MP3s) for you to go through at your own pace as well as live monthly Q&A sessions and a Private Facebook support group.

So, you can go through the step-by-step training videos at your own pace... but always get real-time support and feedback in the Facebook group or during the live Q&A sessions. 

All live sessions will be recorded & archived in case you miss one.

Q: How much time will it take to complete?

A: The ComixLaunch Course includes 12 modules, one module per week for 12 weeks. If you spend 15-30 minutes per day working on through the course, you'll see steady progress.

Most creators are able to fund their projects withing within 4-6 months of enrolling in the course, though some creators choose to launch much sooner, and others choose a slower pace. 

Q: I'm going to Kickstarter because I don't have enough money to fund my project. How am I supposed to afford this?

A: I can't answer that question for you, as I don't know your particular financial situation or how much you value education.

We've designed the pricing of your ComixLaunch Pro Membership to to enable creators to enroll at less than $1.30 per day. An investment that small, to learn how to a master a platform that can help you generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding over the next few years like my students and I have done seems like an absolute bargain.

Most people have already spent significantly more on college courses or training programs that they were significantly less interested in, and that didn't provide them the tools to go out and raise funding to do what they truly want to do...create! (And I bet most of those courses did not offer a money back guarantee!)

Q: I'm having trouble deciding between investing in this course or investing in more pages of my comic book project. What should I do?

A: That'll depend on your situation. If you don't have a product to Kickstart, and haven't learned how to create one, that's where I would put my money first. Better yet, I'd invest in a course on creating comics rather than try to figure it all out on your own. (I recommend Comics Experience, The Kubert School or a local continuing education class for that.)

But if you have a product and know how to make comics, but what you lack is a step-by-step, predictable system for building an audience, want to achieve greator crowdfunding success, and want to explode your sales in new channels, than this course will give you the biggest return on your investment.

Q: Where do the courses take place?

A: You can access the course material at any time on the mobile-friendly portal site, powered by a top-shelf education platform called Kajabi, which will make it extremely easy for you to go through the course and come back to the material any time you need it.

The course also has a Facebook component in the form of a private members-only group.

Q: Who is this membership best suited for?

A: ComixLaunch Pro is for creators who are tired of flailing around following randomly posted advice they see on the internet and instead want a proven, step-by-step plan, and other hardworking creators to keep them accountable.

The blueprints, the peer group you'll be with, and direct coaching is meant to do just that and more.

The end goal, as with everything ComixLaunch, is to jumpstart your career and turn Kickstarter into a renewable resource for you.

Are You Ready to Take Your Launch to the Next Level?

It's time to make a decision.

Is now the time you make a commitment to mastering the platform that has enabled hundreds of thousands of creators to bring their dream projects to life?

It's crossroads time.

You're now faced with three choices...

Choice #1: Do nothing.

Put the Kickstarter project aside for another week.

Or month.

Or year.

For whatever reason, now is not the time to take your dream project seriously and commit to moving it forward.

That's okay.

(There's a season for everything.)

Just know that ComixLaunch will continue to nudge you forward and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Even when it's scary or even a little uncomfortable.

Remember, all growth happens out of your comfort zone.

When you're ready to launch, we'll be here for you. 

Choice #2: Continue going for it all on your own.

You've built the audience.

You have a plan.

You've assembled your Justice League.

You're confident you have everything you need to succeed on the Kickstarter platform.

And what you don't know, you're confident you can figure out all on your own.

The ComixLaunch podcast will be there for you as a resource on your journey.

Know that I'm rooting for you, and can't wait for you to launch.

Choice #3: Join the ComixLaunch Pro, grow your audience and plan your next launch with me and a community of hardworking creators.

You want to learn Kickstarter from the inside out.

You want the comprehensive, step-by-step system that's powered many successful launches and will power many more more in the years to come.

You want to grow and energize an audience excited for your project.

You want to design a compelling project & effective Kickstater page you're proud of.

You want to master the strategies needed to not just survive, but thrive during the Kickstarter Deadzone and afterward, throughout the dreaded fulfillment phase, too.

You want to grow your network of peers supporting you the entire way.

And you want the security of knowing you have a direct hotline to a Kickstarter coach who has done this before.

And perhaps most importantly, you want to equip yourself with the mindset, strategies & tactics needed to have success on Kickstarter again and again.

Because when it comes to bringing your art into the world...

You're just getting started.

Why Wait Any Longer?

Let's plan your next launch together starting NOW!

Join ComixLaunch Pro risk-free and take your career to the next level today.

πŸš€ Enroll Now!