A Proven Step-By-Step System to Help You Launch Your Comic Book Project

Grow an Audience - Crowdfund Your Dream Projects - Explode Your Sales


What would it take to make your next launch a wild success?

✅ Do you worry your audience isn't big enough?

✅ Concerned your goals are too high or dreams too big?

✅ Are you worried you'll build it and no one will come?

✅ Does marketing make you feel a bit slimey?

✅ Afraid all the work you've put into your project will be a waste?

✅ Is fear of failure holding you back from making an impact?

Kickstarter is the #1 platform in the world to fund comic book projects...

When you MASTER the Kickstarter Platform, you will take your creative career to new heights!

🚀 Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about mastering Kickstarter from start-to-funded.

🚀 Rapidly grow your audience using proven, step-by-step, and repeatable systems.

🚀 Expand your peer network by joining a community of comic book creator crowdfunders!

 You Don't Need to Launch Alone!

Are You Ready to MASTER Kickstarter?

Then I'd like to invite you to join...


The ComixLaunch Course is a Step-By-Step Blueprint for Successfully Crowdfunding Comic Book & Graphic Novel Projects on Kickstarter... and Beyond!

The ComixLaunch Course is a 12 module step-by-step online training program and community that walks you through exactly how to plan, create, launch, fund and fulfill your first or next Kickstarter campaign.

  • Get LIFETIME 24/7 online access!
  • Learn a system that is literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out!
  • Join the #1 community of comic creator crowdfunders!

A Proven Step-By-Step System

to run a successful Kickstarter campaign from start to funded.

Dozens of Actionable Training Videos

covering each phase of the Kickstarter process: audience building, project design, campaign execution, fulfillment and beyond.

Detailed Workbooks, Checklists & Cheat Sheets

to help you stay on track during your campaign and manage the project.

Private Facebook Group

filled with successful creator peers who will hold you accountable, share resources, and keep you motivated along your journey.

Live Monthly Video Coaching Calls

to get individual feedback on your projects and launches so that nothing stands in your way.

Exclusive Members-Only Discounts

on printing and other products & services creators like us use to expand our audiences and fund our campaigns.

Instant Lifetime Access!

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to The ComixLaunch Course, including all Special Bonuses!

✓   Lifetime access and login 24/7 on a mobile-friendly members site.

✓   Includes live monthly group coaching calls with Tyler James!

✓   Risk-Free Enrollment includes a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee

Just a Few of the Many Projects Successfully Funded Following The ComixLaunch Course System...

To date, ComixLaunch Pro creators have collectively raised over $600,000.00 in funding for their dream projects... and counting!

So, Why Is The ComixLaunch Course So Effective?

✓   A proven system with over 100 satisfied students across four continents with many, many successful Kickstarter launches!

✓   Walks you through EVERY part of the Kickstarter launch process step-by-step without any confusion!

✓   Access to the MEMBERS-ONLY Private Facebook group for support, accountability, inspiration and crosspromotion as you build and fund your next launch!

✓   Direct access to ComixLaunch founder Tyler James!


Would you like to use this proven plan to ignite your career, too?

12 Step-By-Step Modules

1: Learn the Mindset of Successful Crowdfunders

- 10 Kickstarter myths that hurt campaigns

- 12 secrets of successful crowdfunders

- Uncover your Big Why

2: Energize an Audience Before You Launch

- How to get big results from a small audience

- Start a "launch list" of future backers

- Grow and engage your audience

3: Design a Product Your Backers Will Love

- Defining a minimum loveable product

- Pitching your project to backers

- How to SWOT your project

4: Craft a Compelling Project Story

- Integrate backstory into your campaign

- Craft trustworthy creator bios

- Add "social proof" to your project

5: Strategize Rewards That Maximize Funding

- Data-driven insights on rewards

- "Day One", "Pocket" and other reward strategies

- Pricing rewards for profitable campaigns

6: Budget Every Penny, Stress Free

- Accurately account for campaign costs

- Predict your funding before you launch with scary accuracy

- Avoid hidden budget busters 

7: Make a Great Kickstarter Video Quickly

- Step-by-step, no-fuss video process

- The Ultimate Kickstarter video script template

- Tools & resources for creators on a budget

8: Design a High-Converting KS Page

- 12 key components to a trustworthy Kickstarter Page

- Crafting a compelling image

- Page power-ups backers and Kickstarter will love

9: Learn the Best Free Promotion Strategies

- Kickstarter marketing bootcamp

- Identify the right media targets 

- Social media toolkit 

10: Market Using High-ROI Paid Strategies

- Kickstarter advertising that converts

- ComixLaunch Facebook Advertising Strategy

- Understanding Kickstarter's analytics

11: Execute the Campaign From Start to Funded

- Launch day checklist

- Art of the Kickstarter update

- Survive the "Deadzone" and finish strong

12: Fulfill Your Kickstarter Like a Boss

- Post-campaign communication guide

- Ultimate shipping guide

- Outsourcing master class

Includes Monthly Live Group Kickstarter Coaching!

Join Tyler James and other ComixLaunch Course members in monthly, live online coaching calls to get your specific Kickstarter questions answered in real-time!

If You Had All These Proven Tools & Resources, How Confident Would You Be Going Into Your Launch?

Am I a Good Fit for this Program?

You might be wondering whether or not you'd be a good fit for this program and community. Let me help...

If You are a Creator Who:

🚀  Has a dream project you’d like to bring to life…

🚀 Is coachable, and willing to learn some new strategies and take a step outside your comfort zone to get bigger and better results…

🚀  Has integrity and is ready to become a good steward of the Kickstarter platform and committed to leaving it better than you found it....

🚀 Is willing to put some skin in the game to prove to yourself and your audience that you believe in your project and creative career as much as they should...

...Then You WILL Succeed on Kickstarter, and You Belong In This Program and Community!

All you have to do is follow the steps.

But ComixLaunch Pro is NOT for everyone. 

You definitely should NOT join if...

☹ Your glass is always half empty. We’re creators. That means we need to believe in things BEFORE we see them in order to make them real. Your attitude will determine your altitude on Kickstarter and beyond.

☹ You’re not coachable or open to new ideas, strategies and actions that will make a real difference in your creative business.

☹ You’re not a person of integrity... the Kickstarter platform is a tremendous resource to our community, and not one we can take for granted. Go into it looking to leave the platform better than you found it.

☹ You are only interested in creating as a hobby. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... however the ComixLaunch Course is a community of creators who are creating for themselves and to sell to an audience.

If you're not a great fit, no hard feelings and we're still rooting for you.

But if you're willing to work hard enough, smart enough, and to commit...

🚀 Commit to bringing PASSION to every project.

🚀 Commit to taking ACTION, even when it's scary.

🚀 Commit to building a NETWORK and always adding value first.

🚀 Commit to doing things with INTEGRITY and keeping the promises you make to others and to yourself.

🚀 Commit to never stop developing your TALENT, because we are all works in progress.

... Then I hope we'll soon see you inside The ComixLaunch Course!


So, What's the Investment to Enroll in The ComixLaunch Course?

ComixLaunch is on a mission to empower creators to make bold leaps in their creative careers, and provide tremendous ongoing value at a price point that even new creators can afford.

Lifetime access to  The ComixLaunch Course training program & community is normally $799.00.

Creators who invest in the course are investing in themselves and getting tremendous results.

ComixLaunch Course creators' projects are boasting a 95%+ Kickstarter success rate! 


But for the next five days, because you're a listener of the ComixLaunch Podcast, we have an even better deal for you...


Enroll in The ComixLaunch Course Today for Just $599 (Save $200.00!)

Risk-Free Enrollment!

Join The ComixLaunch Course today risk-free and use it to build your audience or plan your next launch for 30 days.

With over 100 successful creators thriving inside, we're completely confident that joining will be an absolute game-changer for you.  

We're also confident that YOU will bring tremendous value to our community when you join. 

That's why we're removing all of the risk from your shoulders.

Enroll in The ComixLaunch Course today, start going through the trainings and interacting with our community.

If after 30 days, you don't feel better equipped with the knowledge, resources, and skills to grow your audience, run more successful Kickstarter projects, or increase sales in in channels, I want you to request a full refund.

The risk is 100% on ComixLaunch's shoulders to deliver an outstanding experience and help you achieve your creative goals.

And Yes, This Podcast Special Offer Comes With BONUSES!

Bonus #1: ComixLaunch Pro Exclusive Discounts

Our creators are always looking to reduce campaign expenses so they can keep more of the funds they raise in their own pockets.

That's why ComixLaunch has partnered with a number of premium vendors to get exclusive discounts on printing, packaging materials, custom merchandise, crowdfunding survey software, and more! 


For many ComixLaunch Course creators, these discounts alone will pay for the cost of the entire program! 

🚀 Enroll Now to Get This Bonus!

Bonus 2: The ComixLaunch Exchange

Need digital extras for your backers for Early Bird, Milestone Bonus or Stretch Goal Rewards?

The ComixLaunch Exchange is a members-only bonus you'll have immediate access to where you can chooses from dozens of awesome digital comics from our members to use as bonuses during your next launch. 

We’ll show you how to use the exchange to add hundreds or thousands of dollars to every launch!

[$200.00 value.]

🚀 Enroll Now to Get This Bonus!

Bonus 3: Comic Book Press Contacts Master List

Is your press and media contact list weak or non-existent?

We'll change that in an instant, because if you join during this special enrollment, you'll get immediate access to a press database 5+ years in the making, including hundreds of Comic Book, Publishing & Pop Culture/Geek Media Contacts.

And in The ComixLaunch Course, we'll show you how to best reach out to press to boost your campaign. 

[Value: Priceless!]

🚀 Enroll Now to Get This Bonus!

This is the best offer we've ever made, but I need to check in because you may be thinking...

A: Yes, this is exactly what I need!

B: I’m not sure I’m ready for this program.

C: I think I need to focus on some other areas in my creative business first.

Here's the thing...

If you could master just one platform this year, it should be Kickstarter. 

But the truth is...

The creators inside my community who are getting the best results are also committed to mastering three more crucial skills needed to power their launches... 

What skills are those?

SKILL #1: Growing a large and engaged EMAIL LIST of fans.

SKILL #2: Selling consistently in SALES CHANNELS other than Kickstarter.

SKILL #3: Automating their audience and sales growth with FACEBOOK ADS.

So, while you're here...

I want to give you the opportunity to get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of my programs at a special rate so that you have everything you need to succeed.

Podcast Listener Special Offer:
ComixLaunch Pro All-Access!

Get an All-Access Pass to all of the Proven Step-By-Step Blueprints to Build an Audience, Fund Your Projects & Increase Sales, and the #1 Community of Active Comic Book Crowdfunders.

In addition to THE COMIXLAUNCH COURSE, Your ComixLaunch Pro All-Access Enrollment Also Includes...

Ready to get serious about growing & engaging a list of 1,000+ true fans?



Your complete blueprint to build a highly targeted and engaged audience that will support your work WITHOUT being spammy or spending all of your time on social media.

The complete ListLaunch Program & Community [$399.00 Value] is Included in ComixLaunch Pro All-Access!  
🚀 Yes, I'm ready to grow my list!

Ready to explode your sales in new channels so you can sell more of your books year round?


Beyond Kickstarter

A proven blueprint to increased comic book sales on channels and platforms outside of Kickstarter, including online, conventions, and Patreon, so that you can reach a broader audience and sell more of your art during the 92% of the year when you aren't launching a Kickstarter.

The complete Beyond Kickstarter Program & Community [$399.00 Value] is Included in ComixLaunch Pro All-Access!
🚀 Yes, I'm ready to sell more in new channels!

Ready to master Facebook Ads so you consistently generate new leads, sales & backers on autopilot?



Get the complete, step-by-step Facebook Ads Implementation System designed to help you effectively use FB Ads in your creative business, without all the confusion or costly mistakes.

The complete AdLaunch Course Program & Community [$399.00 Value] is Included in Your ComixLaunch Pro Membership!
🚀 Yes, I'm ready to master Facebook Ads!

Podcast Special Offer: 3 Awesome Enrollment Options to Help You Succeed.

Choose the Best Plan for You:

The ComixLaunch Course


Save $200.00 with this Special Offer!

Podcast Special

  • Lifetime Access to The ComixLaunch Course!

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching!

  • ComixLaunch Course Private Facebook Group!

  • 4 Awesome Bonuses!

  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • 30 Minute Strategy Call with Tyler James ($175.00 Value)

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ComixLaunch Pro


/MONTH x 12

(Payment Plan)

  • Lifetime Access to The ComixLaunch Course!

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching!

  • ComixLaunch Course Private Facebook Group!

  • 4 Awesome Bonuses!

  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to the ListLaunch, Beyond Kickstarter & Adlaunch Programs & Communities [$1,197.00 Value]

  • 30 Minute Strategy Call with Tyler James ($175.00 Value)

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ComixLaunch Pro


Save $189.00 When You Pay in Full!

(Single Payment)

  • Lifetime Access to The ComixLaunch Course!

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching!

  • ComixLaunch Course Private Facebook Group!

  • 4 Awesome Bonuses!

  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to the ListLaunch, Beyond Kickstarter & Adlaunch Programs & Communities [$1,197.00 Value]

  • 30 Minute Strategy Call with Tyler James ($175.00 Value)

🚀 Enroll Now!

ComixLaunch Pro All-Access Pay In Full Bonus:
Pay in Full ($999) and Get a FREE One-On-One Private Strategy Call with Tyler James! [$175 Value.]

The first ten creators who take advantage of this PODCAST SPECIAL enrollment, enroll in ComixLaunch Pro and choose the pay-in-full $999 option will also receive a one-on-one private strategy call with Tyler James discussing how to take your creative business to the next level.


Who's Behind ComixLaunch Pro, Anyway? 

Hey, thanks for asking!

My name is Tyler James. 

I'm the host of ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter... and Beyond! a weekly podcast on iTunes.

As the publisher behind the ComixTribe and C is for Cthulhu brands, I have successfully managed 16 Kickstarter projects that have collectively raised more than $450,000.00 with the support of over 9,000 backers. 

More importantly, my ComixLaunch guests and I have helped hundreds of creators like you raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their own projects funded.

ComixLaunch is on a mission to make Comics the Kickstarter category with the highest success rate on the platform. 

Enrollment is now open for ComixLaunch Pro, the #1 training library and community for serious comic creators interested in leveling up their launches this year.

Are you in?


Tyler & ComixLaunch Have Been Featured On

Are You Ready to Take Your Launch to the Next Level?

It's time to make a decision.

Is now the time you make a commitment to mastering the skills that have enabled hundreds of thousands of creators to bring their dream projects to life?

It's crossroads time.

You're now faced with two choices...

Choice #1: Keep going it alone.

If this is your choice, I wish you good luck!

Know that ComixLaunch will continue to nudge you and encourage you to keep moving forward, even when it's scary or even a little uncomfortable.

Remember, all growth happens out of your comfort zone.

When you're ready to launch, I'll be here for you.


Choice #2: Join ComixLaunch Pro, grow your audience and plan your next launch with me and a community of hardworking creators.

You want to learn Kickstarter from the inside out.

You want the comprehensive, step-by-step system that's powered many successful launches and will power many more more in the years to come.

You want to grow and energize an audience excited for your project.

You want to design a compelling project & effective Kickstater page you're proud of.

You want to master the strategies needed to not just survive, but thrive during the Kickstarter Deadzone and afterward, throughout the dreaded fulfillment phase, too.

You want to grow your network of peers supporting you the entire way.

And you want the security of knowing you have a direct hotline to a Kickstarter coach who has done this before.

And perhaps most importantly, you want to equip yourself with the mindset, strategies & tactics needed to have success on Kickstarter again and again.

Because when it comes to bringing your art into the world...

You're just getting started.

This Podcast Special Offer Expires For You Automatically After Five Days of Unlocking It... Don't Wait to Take Your Creative Career to the Next Level!

Don't put off taking action on creating the career of your dreams any longer. Make your next launch your best launch ever by joining the premiere community of comic creator crowdfunders today!