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Whether you're just starting to think about your first or next Kickstarter project, you've got a project on Kickstarter now, or you're about to launch, the ComixLaunch 5 Days to Funded Kickstarter Challenge will give you a proven road map for greater crowdfunding success.

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An Actionable Kickstarter Gameplan

Get five days of no-BS Kickstarter training designed to get a clear vision of how to go from start to funded. Each day features a short, powerful challenge that will get you closer to a successful launch.

Creator Networking & Cross-promotion

Successful crowdfunders know that other creators are NOT their competition... but can become awesome allies. Meet and connect with other creators who will be launching projects soon in the private challenge group.

Get Your Kickstarter Questions Answered

Tyler has helped hundreds of creators successfully fund their campaigns, and the challenge will be filled with many creators who have already had success on Kickstarter so you can get some of your most pressing questions answered and overcome campaign obstacles.



Here's what creators are saying about ComixLaunch...

"I've followed Tyler's advice for years... with two successful Kickstarter campaigns under my belt, raising over $17,000, I can honestly say that ComixLaunch has been the bible around which I planned my campaigns..."

Russell Brettholtz

"Thanks to Tyler and ComixLaunch, I've saved hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, when it comes to publishing my comic..."

James Haick
(Solar Flare)

"ComixLaunch has become a most reliable resource in preparing for our launch. Thank you so much for all your help and for providing this platform for comics creators to come together and inspire/learn from each other."

Pierre Martinez
(Eat the Shadow)

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By the end of this FREE live 5-Day Online Challenge, you will have:

  • Improved your Kickstarter profile and enhanced project page so backers are more likely to trust you. 
  • Calculated how much funding your next launch is likely to raise and scoped a project in alignment with that number. 
  • A one-page project plan that covers all of the key elements of a solid Kickstarter plan. 
  • Networked with creators on a similar journey as you and been supported along the way!

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So, why should you listen to me?

If you're not one of the thousands of awesome listeners of the weekly ComixLaunch podcast, you might be wondering what qualifies me to teach you this stuff.

Great question!

I do not call myself an "expert" and loathe the term "guru" (yuck)...

I'm a practitioner.

Over the past 6 years, I've planned and executed 16 successful Kickstarter campaigns that have raised over $450,000.00 in funding from the support of more than 9,000 backers.

On my podcast, I've picked the brains of over a hundred successful Kickstarter creators, including some of the top minds in crowdfunding.

And over the past three years, I've coached hundreds of creators like you who have built winning Kickstarter campaigns and collectively raised more than $600,000.00 dollars to fund their own dream projects.

I also have a Master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and know how to transfer the KNOWLEDGE I have into ACTION you will take to successfully launch your projects and bring your art to a world that desperately needs it. So, what do you say...

Do you think working with me for 5 days in a row could help your next project be more successful?

If the answer is yes, I'll see you inside the challenge!


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