FB Ads Demystified Workshop Bonuses

Thanks for attending the FB Ads Demystified! Workshop.

I hope you feel more knowledgeable about how you might use FB Ads to power your audience growth or your next launch. Here are two more bonus resources to help you succeed with your next launch...


FB Ads Demystified! Slide Deck

Review the lessons shared in the workshop and get a close look at some of the ads I've used in my creative business.



New ComixLaunch Kickstarter Strategy Guide

7 New Kickstarter Strategies Working Right Now for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers


Ready to Take Your Growth to the Next Level?

Would you like help building your own Facebook Ads system to power your list building, launches and career to new heights, faster, and without spending all your time selling?

Become the Newest Member of the AdLaunch Program & Community and Create Your Automated Subscriber, Backer & Sales Generating FB Ad System Today!

Get a complete, step-by-step Facebook Ads implementation system designed to help you effectively use FB Ads in your creative business, without all the confusion or costly mistakes.


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